I'm Nate Luzod, a developer/designer hybrid based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. I'm currently serving as Lead Developer at Atlantic Media Strategies, a creative consultancy of The AtlanticOffline I hike with my dog, travel with my wife and try my best to capture it all on film. See my bio for more.




I spent nearly a month on the mainland in July. Here are a few images that I finally got around to processing and scanning - all from Detroit.Shot on my trusty Voigtlander R3A and Nokton 40mm, using Ilford HP5

Dipping my Toes in Rust

I hit a wall working on CMS / WordPress this afternoon so decided to take a few minutes to check out a 'new' language. Never mind that I'm months behind on learning Elixir, Phoenix and Elm, as was my plan for earlier this year - today I wanted to check out Rust. ...

HTTPS Redirect for Laravel on Heroku

Earlier this week I had a series of 'black-hole' days; the kind where you spend way too long on one problem, only to end the day with embarrassingly little to show for it....

Developing My First Roll of Film

Last Sunday I attended a B/W film processing workshop at our local analog shop, Treehouse. I've been wanting to learn how to develop film partly to own more of the process, partly because of the 2-week turnaround time (being in the middle of the ocean, we ship to a lab in Utah)...

Behat Tests Silently Failing

This week I ran into an issue where our Behat test suite would run and exit without completing, no error messages or meaningful warnings. Best of all was that this happened locally but not on Travis CI....